Laser Therapy

Pet Laser Therapy

Our therapeutic laser therapy uses a combination of visible and invisible light to target different tissues in the body. This can range from the first few layers of skin down to the bones. It is very effective in increasing the circulation of blood flow to wounded areas, reducing inflammation, and neutralizing pain.

There are many conditions laser therapy can treat. We have used it on arthritic patients to slow the progression of joint disease, decrease pain, and increase mobility. It can help treat ear infections, hot spots, lick sores, and more serious wounds such as lacerations and broken bones. We also use it on all of our spays, neuters, and orthopedics post-surgically to help speed healing and reduce pain.

One of the advantages of therapeutic lasers is the lack of negative side effects. There is no damage to healthy cells, and unlike traditional pain control methods, there is no risk of organ dysfunction. This makes it a wonderful option for older pets or animals with decreased liver and kidney function that cannot use pain medication. Laser therapy can also be beneficial when surgery is not an option.