Treating a Pet That Ingests Rodent Poison

Young woman driving her Beagle dog in a car.

If you believe your pet has eaten any form of poison, contact your vet immediately.

When treating animals that ingest poison, it is critically important you contact your vet.

Mouse and rat poison is dangerous because it won't make your pet sick immediately, and it's very important to receive treatment before symptoms display.

We once had a dog brought in with a bloody nose. The owners knew the dog had eaten some d-CON brand rat poison, but because he didn't get sick right away they thought he was alright. Unfortunately, the longer the poison is in an animal's system, the less effective treatment will be. Knowing the type of poison is crucial for treatment, so bring any packaging or contaminated product that you suspect your pet has consumed.

Symptoms of poisoning may include:

  • Bleeding from nose, eyes, ears, mouth, and gums
  • Blood in urine and/or discolored feces
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Rapid heartbeat