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We would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to introduce you to the services offered by Animal Care Clinic. All of us here consider it an honor and privilege to be in this advancing field of veterinary medicine and know you will see that attitude displayed in our clinic environment. We invite you to get to know us and hope this information can clearly communicate our purpose.


We offer comprehensive veterinary care for your pet(s). We are proud of our hospital and level of care that we provide to our patients and clients. We strive to provide your pet with the best possible medical and surgical services in the area. Our focus is quality healing, treatment and therapy. We at Animal Care Clinic emphasize preventive health care, which includes annual exams, vaccinations, dental hygiene and other health safeguards to ensure that your cat or dog does not suffer unnecessarily due to preventable and/or undetected illness.


Do you want your Pet LONGER?

Not all that long ago life expectancy for people in the United States was less than 70 years old.

In many places around the world, especially in Third World countries, life expectancy is still less then 70 years old. We used to hope that our grandparents, parents, or even ourselves would live to be 70 years old, we now hope to reach 90 or even 95 years. Today with advances in medical care, especially heart medications and dentistry, our life expectancy has improved dramatically.


The same is true for our pets; However, it makes a difference whether they are getting First World or Third World care. With good nutrition, vaccinations and other preventative care including regular dental care, heart monitoring and medications when needed, the life expectancy of our pets has increased dramatically. We used to think that 12 years was a good long life for larger dogs, such as Golden Retrievers and Labs, but today many of these dogs are living to be 16 years and older. With small dogs such as Chihuahuas, Yorkies and Toy poodles, we thought that 16 years was good old age, but today many of these dogs are living to be 20 years and older.

The same is true for cats, where 16 years old was the best that we thought we could hope for, today many of these cats are living to be 20+ years old.


As your pets healthcare professionals, we would like to let you know some of the recommendations that we believe will enable us to help your pet live a good, long and healthy life.

1. Good dental care and early intervention.

2. Early diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

3. Preventative care blood work.


1) Good dental care and early intervention.

Probably the number one reason people in Third World countries have a shorter life expectancy is poor dental care. Gum disease, periodontal disease and tooth root abscesses all cause the immune system to work overtime. A lifetime of daily stress to the immune system causes people and pets to age faster. Also, bacteria from mouth infections get into the bloodstream and can cause problems with internal organs such as kidney, liver and heart valves. Good dental care helps pets to live longer. Just like we brush our teeth to keep plaque from forming into tartar, anything that we do for our pets to keep plaque from turning into tartar will help them have better healthier teeth. Once plaque as turned into tartar the tartar will cause gum disease, periodontal disease and eventually tooth root abscesses. The sooner we remove tartar and polish the teeth the healthier the teeth and gums will be and the longer your pet will live.


Here at Animal Care Clinic we have excellent dental training and equipment. Top-of-the-line ultrasonic dental scaling and polishing equipment as well as digital dental radiographs. The digital dental radiographs allow us to get excellent images of tooth roots that we suspect may have a problem and let us know whether a specific tooth can be saved or needs to be extracted. Often It is not possible to just look at a tooth and tell whether or not there is an infection at the root(s) of the tooth.


2) Early diagnosis and treatment of heart disease

A chest x-ray at two years old will allow us to get what is called a Vertebral Heart Score or VHS. Normal heart size varies from pet to pet but having a Vertebral Heart Score on your pet(s) when they are young will help us to know if your pet's heart is getting larger later in life due to heart disease. Catching your pet's heart disease early makes a big difference for us at Animal Care Clinic in our ability to intervene early so that we can minimize and/or delay the problems associated with heart disease. Diagnosing and treating heart disease is helping many pets Live longer with a better quality-of-life. A baseline Vertebral Heart Score or VHS is only needed once. We will repeat and compare the Vertebral Heart Score (VHS) later only if we have reason to suspect heart disease. We now have a digital x-ray system that allows us to get an excellent image in a matter of seconds without sedation. The digital x-ray system has a built in tool for measuring Vertebral Heart Score (VHS)


3) Preventative care blood work.

At about seven years old we will start recommending yearly preventative care bloodwork for your pet.

This preventative care blood work helps us not only to identify significant increases in values which alert us to potential health problems but also help us to graph trends. Graphing trends from yearly blood work help us to see slow but gradual changes. These slow but gradual changes help us detect diseases even before they are causing signs of illness. Preventing illness is the most important thing we can do to help your pet live a healthier longer life. We have recently upgraded our laboratory equipment and now have state-of-the-art reference laboratory quality blood chemistry and cell counting equipment.





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