Pet Boarding

Animal Care Clinic in Bemidji, MN, is your pet’s home away from home! Our pet boarding services provide a safe and comfortable haven for your furry companions, allowing you to travel with peace of mind.


Pet Boarding Services in Bemidji, MN

Indulge your beloved pets in an exceptional boarding experience at Animal Care Clinic, where their comfort and happiness are our top priorities. Our spacious and cozy accommodations provide a home-like environment, ensuring your furry companions feel right at home even when you’re away.

Benefits of Our Pet Boarding Services:
  • Personalized Attention: Our dedicated veterinary team, backed by years of experience, provides tailored care that suits your pet’s individual needs. From dietary requirements to medication schedules, every detail is taken into consideration.
  • Comfortable Accommodations: We offer comfortable and inviting spaces. Whether they prefer their own private corner or enjoy socializing, we have the perfect spot for them to unwind.
  • Playful Companionship: Social interaction is vital for pets, and our boarding services ensure they enjoy playful companionship with fellow furry friends and our caring staff.
  • Regular Exercise and Enrichment: A healthy body and an engaged mind contribute to a happy pet. Our boarding services include regular exercise routines and enriching activities that keep your pets physically active and mentally stimulated.

At Animal Care Clinic, we’re committed to ensuring your pets not only receive the care they need but also enjoy a vacation of their own while you’re away. If you have any questions about our boarding services or would like to schedule, please contact us at (218) 444-2222.